Venture Alpha East - the Future of FinTech

Venture Alpha returns to New York with a special event focused on financial technologies. This conference brings together more than 200 venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and limited partners to discuss the booming business of fintech - from mobile payments to online security to digital currencies such as bitcoin. Join us for this not-to-be-missed event at the Grand Hyatt in New York City from March 26-27.

Since its launch in 2011, Venture Alpha has built a reputation for delivering some of the biggest names in the venture business - names like Bill Gurley of Benchmark Capital, Steve Case of Revolution, Todd Chaffee of Institutional Venture Partners, and Peter Barris of New Enterprise Associates, to name a few. In all, Venture Alpha events have brought together more than 150 leading venture investors who have addressed more than 1,000 attendees. Venture Alpha has also arranged more than 250 LP/VC private one-on-one meetings through its ExecConnect private meetings program.

Venture Alpha is part of Thomson Reuters' PartnerConnect East, which includes Buyouts East, the Alternative Investment Management Symposium East, Venture Alpha East, and HedgeWorld East. Created by the editors of VCJ, and Reuters News, PartnerConnect East is expected to host 1,000+ senior delegates from the alternative assets community, as well as more than 200 limited partners.

Attendees at may also attend our LP-focused Alternative Investment Management (AIM) Symposium, a concurrent 3-day event focused on the needs of institutional investors in alternatives. For more details on the AIM Symposium, click here to visit the home page.

If you're in VC, there's no better place to be in March than Venture Alpha East at PartnerConnect.

Fundraising, networking,and more at Venture Alpha East:

  • Get a month's worth of fundraising, and networking done at one time
  • Network directly with LPs who share your investment goals, with pre-arranged one-on-one 20-minute meetings through the ExecConnect private meeting program. ExecConnect maximizes your time with focused meetings held in one place, at one time
  • Attend the Alternative Investment Management (AIM) Symposium, as part of your ticket to Venture Alpha East - that's two events for the price of one
  • Get the latest global venture capital fundraising intelligence from global data provider, Thomson Reuters.

PartnerConnect Plenary Speakers

  • Michael Sacks
    Chairman & CEO
    Grosvenor Capital Management

  • Bruce Zimmerman
    CEO & CIO
    The University of Texas Investment Management Company (UTIMCO)

Venture Alpha East Keynote & Featured Speakers

Partner Events @ Venture Alpha East

Please check back here regularly for updates on partner events with leading organizations in the venture industry

Agenda in Brief

Day 1: Tuesday, March 25, 2014

x5:15 p.m. Pre-Conference Reception

Day 2: Wednesday, March 26, 2014

x7:00 a.m. Registration & Breakfast Opens
x7:30 a.m. ExecConnect Meetings Commence
x8:00 a.m. Welcome Remarks
x8:15 a.m. Plenary Keynote 1: Alan Patricof
x8:50 a.m. Plenary Keynote 2: Bruce Richards
x9:25 a.m. Plenary Keynote 3: David Rubenstein
10:00 a.m. Networking Coffee Break
10:30 a.m. Panel 1: Why Fintech Now?
11:00 a.m. Panel 2: The LP View: Assessing Risk And Reward In Fintech-Focussed Portfolios
11:30 a.m. Panel 3: Mobile Payments: Too Late, or Tip Of The Iceberg?
12:00 p.m. VAE Keynote: Hans Morris
12:30 p.m. Plenary Lunch
x2:00 p.m. Panel 4: Bitcoin And Beyond: Are Digital Currencies A Passing Fad, or The Future?
x2:30 p.m. Panel 5: LP Roundtable: Diligencing Fintech Managers: What Do The Best GPs Have In Common?
x3:00 p.m. Panel 6: Online Lending: New Technologies, Services & Regulations
x3:30 p.m. Networking Coffee Break
x4:00 p.m. VAE Keynotes: Kathryn Petralia & Jonathan Ebinger
x4:30 p.m. Panel 7: Success Strategies For Partnering With Financial Corporates
x5:00 p.m. Panel 8: The Next Five Years In Fintech: Budding Trends
x5:30 p.m. Networking Reception
x7:00 p.m. ExecConnect Meetings Conclude
x7:00 p.m. Day Concludes

Day 3: Thursday, March 27, 2014

x7:00 a.m. Registration & Breakfast Opens
x7:30 a.m. ExecConnect Meetings Commence
x8:00 a.m. Welcome Remarks
x8:15 a.m. Plenary Keynote 4: Bruce Zimmerman
x8:50 a.m. Plenary Keynote 5: T. Bondurant French
x9:25 a.m. Plenary Keynote 6: Michael Sacks
10:00 a.m. Networking Coffee Break
10:25 a.m. 
10:30 a.m. The State of Venture Fundraising Today: Historical Perspective, Macro Trends, The Cycle
11:00 a.m. Capital Flows Insight: Who’s Moving In And Out Of VC—And Why
11:30 a.m. Featured Presentation On VC Fundraising
12:00 p.m. Open Forum: A Q&A Session With a Panel Of Venture Limited Partners
12:30 p.m. Plenary Lunch
x2:00 p.m. Conference Concludes

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Networking Opportunities

ExecConnect Private Meetings

ExecConnect is designed with the networking needs of our attendees in mind. The ExecConnect program actively arranges one-on-one meetings between LPs and VCs so you'll have time to meet who you need to meet in a private setting. The 20-minute meetings are pre-scheduled by conference directors ensuring you meet with executives who best match your fundraising and investment goals.

All investors and paid attendees to Venture Alpha East may participate in ExecConnect, but you must be registered by Friday, March 7, 2014 to be eligible for the ExecConnect program. While we regularly schedule hundreds of meetings at each of our events, due to scheduling limitations and preferences, we only guarantee ExecConnect meetings to our Gold and Platinum registrants.

For more information on ExecConnect packages and maximizing your participation, please contact Kevin McCaffrey at

Networking Reception

Join your peers for the Venture Alpha East networking reception on Tuesday, March 25 at the close of the event, ensuring quality networking time with your closest peers and investors and intermediaries in your space.

Attending Firms

*Firms/Organizations in bold type denotes LP attendees.

  • 37 Angels
  • Accel Partners
  • Accolade Partners
  • Adveq Management US, Inc.
  • Allegis Capital
  • aSpark
  • Ballooning Nest Eggs, Inc.
  • Battery Ventures
  • BBVA Ventures
  • Berkery Noyes
  • Bessemer Venture Partners
  • BIDaWIZ, Inc.
  • Bitcoin Capital Partners
  • BlackRock Private Equity Partners
  • BlockStream Ventures
  • Bluerun Ventures
  • Blumberg Capital
  • BNY Mellon
  • Board Vote
  • Boswell Johnson
  • Brown Brothers Harriman
  • Caerus Ventures
  • Cambridge Associates
  • Canvas Venture Fund
  • Capital Market Exchange
  • CEI Ventures
  • Centerview Capital
  • Chelsea Financial
  • Choice Financial Solutions
  • Citi Ventures
  • Collaborative Capital
  • Comerica
  • Contour Venture Partners
  • Crosslink Capital
  • Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management
  • Digital Retail Apps
  • Divergent Ventures
  • Edison Ventures
  • EidoSearch
  • Fairview Capital
  • FeeX
  • Financeit
  • finRocket
  • First Data Ventures
  • Flybridge Capital Partners
  • Foundation Capital
  • Fulcrum Data Systems
  • GBI
  • General Atlantic
  • GLG Labs
  • Globas Ventures
  • Greenspring
  • Hamilton Lane
  • HealthInvest Equity Partners
  • Hewitt EnnisKnupp
  • HighCape Partners
  • Idea Capital
  • Industry Ventures LLC
  • iMinds
  • Intel Capital
  • Intuit
  • Invesco Private Capital
  • iYa Ventures
  • Kabbage, Inc.
  • Kasisto, Inc.
  • Knightsbridge Advisers
  • Kuspit
  • Lend Academy
  • Lenddo
  • Lightspeed Venture Partners
  • Lumia Capital
  • MathMoneyFX
  • Max Capital
  • Meketa Investment Group
  • Mililu, Inc.
  • Millennium
  • Mistral Mobile
  • Momentum Technology Partners
  • Monaeo, Inc.
  • Monroe Capital
  • Morgan Creek Capital Management
  • MVision Private Equity Advisers
  • Northern Trust
  • Northeastern University
  • North Hill Ventures
  • Oak Investment Partners
  • Ocean Road Advisors
  • Partnership Fund for New York City
  • Pathway Capital Management
  • Performance Equity Management
  • PnLClik,LLC
  • Quovo
  • Research Square, Inc.
  • Reuters Deals Group
  • Rittenhouse Ventures
  • Rothstein Kass
  • Route 66 Ventures
  • RRE Ventures
  • Rumson Group
  • SAP Ventures
  • SecondMarket
  • SeedInvest
  • Shareholder Representative
  • Social Security Advisors
  • Socure
  • Sparring Partners Capital
  • StarVest Partners
  • Stifel
  • StreamScape Technologies
  • Street Contxt
  • Tech Operators
  • TechU Angels, LLC
  • Thomas Capital Group
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Thomvest Ventures
  • Top Tier Capital Partners
  • Trefoil Technology, LLC
  • Tribeca Venture Partners
  • Tripleshot
  • TTV Capital
  • UBS
  • Union Grove Ventures
  • Venture Capital Journal
  • Vintage Investment Partners
  • Vital Venture Capital
  • Wells Fargo Technology Banking
  • Wolfson Group
  • Woll Enterprises
  • XYverify Corp
  • Yodle
  • Zumigo