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Managers, Can We Introduce You To Your Next Investor?

If you're interested in raising funds then you don't want to miss the opportunity to meet with our LPs privately at Venture Alpha East through our ExecConnect private meeting program. With ExecConnect, you can maximize your time by letting us handle the introductions.

Here's How It Works:
  • Choose your registration package (all managers qualify for the ExecConnect program; see below for differences between the packages).
  • We reach out and have you complete an investment profile for LPs to review
  • We reach out and have you complete an investment profile for LPs to review
  • We send you your schedule approximately a week before the event, with complete instructions on the times of your private meetings and where to go

Avoid the inconvenience of putting time, energy, and significant money into searching for prospective investors. Enrollment in ExecConnect
guarantees to place you in front of pension plans, foundations, endowments, gatekeepers and fund of funds, all of whom are looking to place capital
specifically into private markets funds.

Fund Manager Registration Options:

GP Platinum Pass

Benefits include:

  • Registration up to 8 delegates from your firm
  • Platinum status gives you priority over Silver and Gold registrants for personal meeting requests by institutional investors, maximizing results and efficiency for your meetings slate
  • Expect between 10 and 15 private ExecConnect meetings. You will be GUARANTEED at least 6 meetings and will be eligible for a refund if we do not meet that requirement
  • Invitation to our LP Dinner
  • Speaking opportunities at the conference
  • Branding as a GP Sponsor on event collateral
  • Ability to indicate the LPs you most want to meet at ExecConnect

If you are interested in learning more about the Platinum Pass, please contact Kevin McCaffrey directly at,, or fill out this brief survey to see how you match up with LPs, and Kevin will follow up.

Gold Pass

Benefits include:

  • Registration up to 3 delegates from your firm
  • Your gold status will give you meetings priority over Silver registrants during the scheduling process. You can expect to receive 4 to 6 private meetings with institutional investors and are GUARANTEED at least 2 meetings and you will be eligible for a refund if we do not meet that requirement

Silver Pass

Benefits include:

  • Single ticket registration
  • Enrollment in ExecConnect where you will be paired with LPs who rank you highly. Silver registrants can expect to receive 1 to 2 private meetings, in addition to enjoying their attendance to the event


Still not sure? Fill out this survey and see if you're a match for the LPs in our program. Once you do, we'll be in touch shortly with the results.